A garden with white charm

The garden around the property invites you to relax in a green area...


The white daisies stand in the earthen pots, the ancient basins are enthroned on the lawn, the round box trees adorn the paths, the vegetable garden promises juicy harvests and the herb patch speaks to your five senses. The white bunches of cherry blossoms, sometimes drooping, give off a pleasant almond scent and delicately announce the arrival of spring, and the white magnolias are remarkable. Olive trees, pines and cypresses line the paths with fragrant lavender beds. Far from being a simple ornamental object, the garden around the property calls you to relax in a green corner... An ideal place to stroll and recharge your batteries. In the evening, this garden is a perfect place to admire the sun setting over this nature with the vineyards as a horizon line.

Le Domaine de Marieproperties