A Christmas in Provence

Nestled in this land of tradition, the Bastide de Marie invites you to rediscover the spirit of Christmas.

End of year celebrations in Provence

Winter at La Bastide

Nestled in this land of tradition, the Bastide de Marie invites you to rediscover the spirit of Christmas: the picturesque santon fairs, the small Christmas markets and their smell of mulled wine... Let yourself be guided through the paths of the Luberon, in search of the most unusual or most precious santon, or of a gift for your loved one at the foot of the tree. An escape rich in emotions as this tradition is deeply rooted in the heart of the Provençal people.

Christmas at La Bastide de Marie
Provencal specialities at Christmas

Santons and Tradition

In Provence, as in La Bastide, the end-of-year festive period, known as the "calendale", is marked by a rich succession of rites and customs, each more joyful and colourful than the next. In keeping with the Christmas tradition, everything begins on 4 December, Saint Barbara's Day, when it is time to sprout wheat in three saucers covered with damp cotton. The straight green stalks that start to grow are a sign that the year will be prosperous. Christmas and its procession are prepared throughout the month where, at La Bastide, every moment is devoted to the details that make this moment magical. And it all comes to an end on 2 February, Candlemas Day.

Discover the Luberon in winter...

The Luberon in winter is a permanent invitation to recharge your batteries in the fresh air. After a long walk in the nearby cedar forest, during which you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a flock of sheep at the bend in the path, take advantage of the house's large fireplace. By the fire, it's time to warm up with a glass of cinnamon mulled wine or a homemade spiced tea. A few oreillettes (a kind of bugnes) will be the perfect addition to your snack. During your stay, take the time to visit and taste the wine of the estate, Domaine de Marie.

The richness of the Luberon also lies in its dozens of small authentic villages. At this time of year, many of them offer traditional Christmas markets. Stroll through the alleys to find original gifts. For the most refined of these markets, go to the Château de l'Ange à Lumières, where you will be welcomed by the delightful embroiderer Edith Mézard. In the open air, in the courtyard of the castle, let yourself be drawn into the universe she offers, in the midst of her favourite Provençal artists, in sophisticated and elegant luxury. Decorations, pottery, Christmas wreaths and wooden objects are displayed alongside regional products such as honey, nougat and foie gras. An unusual journey through the magic of Christmas. Nearby, in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the end of year celebrations are the occasion for a great festive moment among the antique dealers. La Bastide will entrust you with its travel diary, a collection of favourite addresses to discover the dealers of the Luberon and Isle sur la Sorgue.

Merry Christmas at La Bastide de Marie

To welcome you, La Bastide de Marie is adorned with the softest colours and the finest fabrics, to offer you the hospitality of an atmosphere between chic and rustic, country and whimsical, in a decor found in the area, between antique and baroque pieces, for a revisited harmony of the South.

The 24th of December has arrived. On the tables of La Bastide, the big supper awaits you. At the end of the meal, in the purest respect of tradition, the chef has prepared the thirteen Christmas desserts: the four mendiants (dried figs, almonds, sultanas and walnuts), the dates, the black and white nougat, the fougasse with olive oil, the quince paste or candied fruits, the oreillettes and finally the fresh fruits (mandarins, oranges, pears, grapes and winter melons). They will be served on the table for three days, until 27 December.

Christmas traditions take on their full meaning in Provence. During the festive season, time seems to stand still, to make way for rest and fulfilment. At the end of the driveway lined with cypresses and century-old olive trees that marks the entrance to the property, La Bastide stands in a warm stone architecture with delicate decoration. Ivory white, sage grey, mimosa yellow... Each of the fourteen rooms has a colour scheme as unique as your experience in this haven of peace. To celebrate Christmas with your family, the five rooms of Villa Grenache, an annex of the Bastide, offer you the comfort of a home away from home. The chef will be on hand to prepare the big Christmas dinner and its thirteen desserts.

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